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EbeneAccelerator team

Mr Ashley Gujadhur

Administrative Officer

Mrs. Poonum Thylam,


Mrs B.Kuppun


Ebene Accelerator Team

As A family

Ebène Accelerator provides a platform whereby facilities and equipment as well as support in terms of business planning and marketing are given to application developers to create, test and market apps and software.

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Our Mission is

What we want to achieve
  • To put young entrepreneurs into contact with a network of venture capital firms.

  • To develop a network of business professionals and potential partners.

  • To provide the necessary infrastructure composed of the latest available technologies on the market to allow developers to create, test and market their innovative apps.

  • To work together with our Universities by providing a common platform to create and commercialize their research based projects.

  • To provide a platform to allow companies and individuals who are interested to offer training to young developers.

  • To provide business counselling and planning, advisory services and marketing support to developers who wish to start a business in the software development field



How we perceive for the future
  • To facilitate the development of new companies and to boost entrepreneurship and leadership culture among youngsters.

  • To create new jobs and consolidate the ICT sector as a key pillar of the Mauritian economy.

  • To encourage research and innovation culture.

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