Code Challenge

What is the Code Challenge ?

 The Code Challenge is a set of programming competitions that will be organized for the launching of the Ebène Accelerator on the 6-7 July 2013 at Orange Tower, Ebène – within the premises of the Ebène Accelerator.

The Ebène Accelerator is a project initiated by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in collaboration with Mauritius Telecom. The aim is to create an incubator with various facilities for young application developers who wish to start their own business in the software development field.


Mobile app development (team size: 1 to 5 persons)

Participants will need to create a mobile application during a 24-hour time span. Participants are not expected to develop a fully functional app but rather a prototype demonstrating the concept. The theme will be divulged on the day of the competition. Participants will be required to develop for one of the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry. At the end of the competition, participants will need to present a demo of their app in front of a panel.


 Problem solving (team size: 1 to 3 persons)

The problem solving contest consists of solving logical, algorithmic and mathematical problems during two 5-hour spans. Participants will need to write efficient software algorithms to be able to solve them. Participants may use any method they like to solve the problems, whether it’s using C++, Java, .NET, Mathematica, Microsoft Excel or even pencil and paper in some cases where there are not many calculations involved.

If you like solving problems like “What is the n-th prime number?”, “Given a road network, what is the shortest path between two cities” or “How many black squares are there on an n x n checked chessboard?”, then you will definitely like this competition.